The target population for Twenty (20) Something is young women in their early, mid and late twenties looking to expand their personal and professional interests through leadership development. Through extensive research and a series of focus groups, we have concluded that women in their twenties go through three primary stages of development: beginning, intermediate and end. Each stage offers a unique opportunity for growth and development, along with physical and psychological changes that provide challenges and triumphs. It is the vision and goal of Twenty (20) Something to help young women navigate through each stage in the best way by equipping them with the necessary tools for success. The primary interest of Twenty (20) Something is to enhance and improve the lives of young women while they are in their twenties, in ways that positively impact their lives. Young women in their twenties have just begun their journey to achieving their dreams! Twenty (20) Something will provide them with the wings to fly to their highest personal and professional heights. These incredible young women will learn to soar without fear and restraint!