In response to this need to develop a new generation of female leaders, Twenty (20) Something was created. Twenty (20) Something is an organization that has been carefully crafted to offer programming customized to meet the needs of today’s young woman and those to follow. Knowing this, the programs and initiatives offered by Twenty (20) Something are critical to reaching a mass group of young women who may otherwise go unnoticed and unheard.

It is the goal of Twenty (20) Something to develop programs that are strictly in line with the mission and vision of the organization. Each program is creative and uniquely designed to foster healthy relationships among women of all ages while helping to equip young women with the necessary tools to empower them personally and professionally.

• Women, Wine & Wisdom
• Young Women’s Leadership Academy - (Mentorship Matching Corporate Diversity Initiative)
• The Twenty (20) Something Fellows Program
• Welcome to Life 101- (Collegiate Chapters)
• Girls University- (High School)
• Young H20

The women of Twenty (20) Something are goal-oriented high achievers who can overcome any obstacle! They believe in the power and possibilities of their dreams and doing whatever is necessary to make their dreams manifest with integrity. These are young women seeking to cultivate themselves both personally and professionally. They represent the faces of a bold and fresh look of leadership.

All Twenty (20) Something programs are grounded in a programmatic model that is focused on measurable goals. These measurable goals and objectives include short- and long-term goals designed to assess the impact of the organization’s inputs and outputs on the targeted program outcomes. Mental health is also a primary component in leadership development and will be incorporated into 90% of Twenty (20) Something programming for all participants.