H20! Is an opportunity for young women to become inspired an empowered with healthy living! H20 is designed to help your women become informed with new information regarding health and wellness. H20 events will include health and wellness seminars as well as innovative, high energy and fun boot camp sessions to keep young women physically fit!

Women, Wine & Wisdom provides an intimate opportunity for young women to gather and discuss a range of life topics of critical importance. This will include personal conversations featuring accomplished and seasoned women who have excelled in their chosen field, sharing their unique wisdom and insight on issues that face young women. Participants will be in a space to ask questions of the featured speaker in addition to sharing their own stories. This initiative also provides an opportunity to expose young women to both the educational and social aspects of wine. During these unique encounters, participants will have the occasion to be exposed and educated about a featured wine, its history and how it can be enjoyed. Those participants ages 21 and older will be allowed to participate in the Women, Wine & Wisdom program.

The (YVBS) Young Vibrant & Beautiful Summit is an annual empowerment event designed to bring your women together of all ages to receive information that will empower and inspire them to take their lives to the next level. Special guest speakers and trainers will be on site to provide essential life tools for each your woman to advance in their personal and professional lives!

YWCM- Young Women's Campus Ministry is, designed for college aged young women to understand Christ as the center of their lives! These special campus ministry sessions will allow young women to explore themselves as young women who believe in Christ and what that means as they operate as agents of change on their college campuses and in the world. Students will explore biblical principles that will guide them in real life application!

Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) is a structured and cohesive leadership development program not only designed to foster healthy relationships among women, but also to equip women with the social, educational, economic, health, philanthropic, corporate and political tools to excel in their personal and professional lives. The leadership series is fifteen (15) weeks and will focus on different topics during each session. The sessions will feature an expert in a specific area who will provide extensive information on the selected topic. Participants will have an opportunity to work in small groups during the sessions to further enhance these tools. Because we know the important role that mentors can play in the life of a young woman, each participant will be matched with a female mentor who has excelled in their chosen profession, and who is passionate about helping to cultivate the next generation of female leaders. When receiving mentorship, we are aware that it is also important to give back what has been received. This will be accomplished by requiring each participant to develop a mentor relationship with a young woman from one of the local high schools where our Girls University initiative is being held. The YWLA will also provide participants with the opportunity to meet with a licensed professional counselor. Pre- and post-assessments will be given to each participant. Group sessions will also be a part of this initiative. Mental health is a primary component in the positive development of the young women in this program.

The Young Women’s Empowerment Summit is an annual initiative that provides an opportunity for young women across the nation to gather together to address issues that impact young women. The summit will include plenary sessions and breakout sessions featuring a number of guest speakers covering a wide range of topics (i.e. HIV/AIDS, Economics, Education, Political Involvement, Philanthropy, Professional Positioning, Health, Relationship, Leisure, Mentorship and much more) to inform young women about the issues impacting them and how they can be empowered to enact change. Another aspect of the summit will involve participants developing a local and national plan of action to create a Young Women’s Agenda by which the young women will commit to implementing in the upcoming year.